In order to carry out all projects that our club is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees. [NOTE: REPLACE PHOTO ON RIGHT WITH ONE FROM A CLUB MEETING]

Name Chairs Description
Board of Directors
Kukich, Bob
Immediate Past President - Phil Tawney Membership - Terry Johnson Service Leadership - Pat Garvey Club Satellite - Bob Lewis Mongolia Satellite - Bob Kerlinger Special Projects - Cornell Owens Young Children Priority One - Phil Prisco Spiritual Aims - Rex Evans and Jack Moran Public Relations - Joe Dicenza Social - George Hawes Historian - George Elifteriou Immediate Past President - Phil Tawney Vice President - Tu Ritter President Elect - Jean Eddy President - Bob Kukich Recording Secretary - Ann Wilson
Community Service
Yakshe, Cyndi
Yakshe, Steve
SLP Director
Garvey, Pat
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Special Projects
Owens, Cornell
Fund Raising Projects Chairman - Cornell Owens Seafood Festival - Cornell Owens, Sally Smith Spring BBQ - Cornell Owens Bulk BBQ - Cornell Owens Fishing and Boating Flea Market - Rod Metcalf, Fred Kimsey, Phil Tawney Garvey Soccer - Pat Garvey Run for the Bulls - Doug Echols, Fred Kimsey, Phil Tawney
Maloney, Bob
Treasurer - Bob Maloney Assistants - Bob Kukich and Marilyn Kuhn